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I offer several types of bodywork. Swedish and Deep Tissue for those that  want to relax and feel a greater sense of ease within themselves, and I also offer deeper more transformational work. Which ever I am doing, I aim to make contact with the whole person. I am able to hold a space for deep work to occur if that is what is needed. Within our psyches, bodies and energy systems we hold the blueprint for life. When there is stress stored in our bodies and energy systems we can't function to our fullest capacity. I will help you to unwind this  and come back to where there is greater ease and clarity. 

I bring to my bodywork the following modalities, Cranial sacral, deep holding via RosenMethod, The Realization Process, and advanced training in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pre-natal, and alignment based work. I work with people who desire more relaxation, relief from physical pain or injury, and to de-stress and calm their minds. 

My goal with my bodywork is to help people feel greater ease and freedom within their bodies and within themselves. I work with people who want relief from physical pain, stress or injury, and I also work with people's emotional bodies. I combine several modalities of massage with my training in Rosen Method. I also help clients get more in touch with their breath and bring present awareness to what may be causing them stress or unease. As a practitioner I aim to treat my clients holistically, bringing awareness to the whole person, addressing physical, emotional, and mental states. 



What is Rosen Method...

RosenMethod is a way to make deep contact with ourselves, our bodies, our emotional life and our internal compass. It can also be used for stress reduction, to ease muscle tension, and can help re-align the body from the inside out. It is a valuable tool for personal growth, for living a more present life, for healing trauma, and releasing emotional pain and physical tension. 

It's technique uses gentle, direct touch to listen to the body, deepen the breath and let unconscious feelings, or memories emerge. The dialog between practitioner and client can also be a powerful tool for change and healing, similar to talk therapy. Over time, one might experience tension and holding patterns in the body release, resulting in a greater sense of well being and a freer moving body and life.


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