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My Approach 

My orientation as a therapist is geared towards mindfulness, somatic practices, and client centered approaches. I also consider the relationship to be an extremely important part of therapy. Because wounding often begins and occurs within relationship, we sometimes need relationship to help heal these wounds. I also encourage my clients to develop some kind of mindfulness practice. Whether it is meditation or another type of activity that brings you present, I feel that it can aid and enhance the therapeutic process in a very beneficial way. Psychodynamic theory is also a part of my practice. It can be helpful to understand our childhood and our wounding, it can help us make sense of our own personality structure and why we behave the way we do. My goal as a therapist is to provide my clients empathy, compassion, understanding and a holding environment that allows them to feel safe enough to be with whatever arises. 

What can psychotherapy help with?

Psychotherapy can be used to help heal the past, to heal wounds from childhood. It can be helpful for anxiety, depression, grief, loss or just to receive support. Being a human being is not an easy experience, we all experience suffering of one sort or another. Maybe we grew up in a dysfunctional family, perhaps we experienced loss in our childhood of one type or another. We can also experience trauma as an adult, life is unpredictable and we don’t always know what is going to fall upon us. Therapy is a place for us to talk about what troubles us, it is a place that is private and confidential and a safe place to talk about our fears or experience our emotions. The therapist is one who holds space for their clients, they can be a sounding board to talk out experiences, or a mirror in which they reflect back what it is that you are experiencing. Many things can be accomplished in psychotherapy depending on you and your particular situation, but ultimately a great outcome of therapy is a   happier you, or experiencing a better quality of your relationships, or  feeling better about yourself. Therapy takes time, we don’t heal over night, but healing is possible..

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