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Jessica Sosin

AMFT - Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.

LMT - Licensed massage therapist and bodyworker. 

In all of my work, whether it be psychotherapy, bodywork or birth work, I bring my full self. I bring all of my professional experiences, my personality and my life experiences. I combine many things in my practice, includng a decade of experience as a body worker, 5 years doing birth work and 10 years of spiritual practice. All of these areas have greatly influenced my more recent career as a psychotherapist. Being a body worker, you need to deeply attune to your clients. It is this attunement that lets the person know on a deep level that you get them, see them and hear them. When attunement happens, your body, mind and nervous system relax at a deep and sometimes subconscious level. I use this attunement in my therapy practice as well. I bring present moment awareness that I use in my birth work to the practice of psychotherapy. When one is in the process of giving birth, or assisting in giving birth, they are nowhere else but the present moment. Birth is in some ways is the ultimate test of being with what is arising in the moment, it is such an intense experience that it takes your full focus and attention. I bring this present moment awareness to my therapy clients. The cultivation of mindfulness slows our system down and relaxes the nervous system. Mindfulness can go a long way in aiding the therapeutic process and changing neural pathways. 


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